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Welcome to The Heart Matrix!

The Heart Matrix is a channel with the aim of interconnecting all fields intertwined with cardiovascular medicine and surgery. We are a new platform for comprehensive scientific communication, accentuating both disease and health, beginning with the heart- an organ relentless at work, providing nourishment to every cell in the human body; an organ vital for life. The intent of The Heart Matrix is to bring this organ close to those interested, entertaining the notion that the heart nourishes the mind. From the pump to the pipelines, over the uncountable number of destinations back to the pump, the heart is not independent - it is interdependent. Heart, matter, motion… This is the journal’s destination.


The main focus of The Heart Matrix is to communicate reports of relevant clinical and  novel experimental findings in cardiovascular diagnosis, treatment, prevention and on-going investigations. Contributions pertinent to cardiovascular health and diseases are also included, such as environment, public health, human genetics, basic sciences, education, sociology and nursing. The mission of The Heart Matrix is the rapid exchange of scientific information between clinicians and researchers worldwide.


Scientifc papers and reports are submitted to peer review by members of the Editorial and Advisory Board and by other invited reviewers. Selected papers from the Annual Meetings of the Roland Hetzer International Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery e.V. (RHICS) are published in the journal.


The target audience is cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgeons, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, intensive care specialists, pulmonologists, perfusionists, nurses,  physiologists, pharmacologists, basic science researchers, medical device and technology innovators,  rehabilitation medicine, allied health professionals, and any person interested in diving into the fascinating world of the cardiovascular system.


We look forward to having you with us!

Please submit your article via Editorial Manager or via Sciendo Journal.

Communicate with us
If you want more information or you have any suggestions, please write us and will gladly respond.

Thank you!


Official Journal of the RHICS Society

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